Bakery Style Sugar Cookies (a no chill sugar cookie dough!)

It’s such a delight to sink your teeth into one of these soft, fluffy, tender sugar cookies.  Kids and adults alike love these cute, bakery style sugar cookies.  One of my favorite things about these cookies is that you don’t have to wait an hour for the dough to chill, because who can do that, I want cookies now! =)  I made these yesterday for my daughters birthday party so the kid
Bakery Style Sugar Cookies (a no chill sugar cookie dough!): Bakery Style Sugar Cookies (a no chill sugar cookie dough!)


Chocolate Orange Brownies for my heart

I saw some fudgy and decadent looking brownies on Jacquelines blog Tinned Tomatoes. As I read on I learned that the recipe was inspired by fellow blogger Choclette’s spicy orange brownies, I’ve written fondly about Choclette before on my blog, but I am happy to say it again Choclette certainly does come up with some fantastic, innovative and tasty chocolate recipes on her blog Chocolate Log which
Chocolate Orange Brownies for my heart: Chocolate Orange Brownies for my heart

15 Minute Donuts, From Scratch

This post is going to be short and sweet today just like this simple donut recipe =).  I’m in love and hate with this recipe I made.  Love because they are amazing, and hate because I could eat all of them.  To me these taste just as good (or better) as any cake donut you could buy at your local bakery but you can make these at home in 15 minutes (some done in 15 the entire batch to
15 Minute Donuts, From Scratch: 15 Minute Donuts, From Scratch

Peanut Butter Pretzel Rice Krispie Treats

Aren’t Rice Krispie Treats one of the greatest treats of all time?  Indeed they are, and their possibilities for alternate variations are endless.  I have so much fun creating new flavors of Rice Krispie Treats because it’s so simple to do and they are always incredibly easy to make,  not to mention how quickly you can be enjoying a flawlessly delicious
Peanut Butter Pretzel Rice Krispie Treats: Peanut Butter Pretzel Rice Krispie Treats

Hawaiian Chicken Salad Sandwiches

I’m loving the Hawaiian flavors lately. I made Hawaiian BBQ Pulled Chicken Sandwiches a few days ago (which were amazing if I do say so myself =) and I had some left over fresh pineapple so I thought, why not make another Hawaiian inspired dish. These sandwiches are packed with the flavors of the Islands. I tried to think of all foods that remind me of Hawaii when making this recipe (even though s
Hawaiian Chicken Salad Sandwiches: Hawaiian Chicken Salad Sandwiches

Banana Bread Whoopie Pies with Fluffy Vanilla Bean Frosting

Have you ever tried banana bread in cookie form with a thick fluffy layer of frosting sandwiched between two of them? With these cookies now is your chance. They taste just like banana bread with an added bonus, a luscious layer of vanilla bean frosting. Lightly said, these cookies are amazing! I saw the Banana Whoopie Pies over at Martha Stewart and new I just had to try them. Lucky for
Banana Bread Whoopie Pies with Fluffy Vanilla Bean Frosting: Banana Bread Whoopie Pies with Fluffy Vanilla Bean Frosting

Banana Berry Frozen Yogurt

Ice Cream so healthy it can be called a nutritious (and so delicious) breakfast! Yes indeed. Officially this is Frozen Yogurt but I’d say it’s good enough to be called and compared to Ice Cream. I was amazed with how well this turned out considering I didn’t add any cane sugar (other than that of the sugars in the Greek yogurt) and also considering how incredibly simple it was to make. I’ve mentio
Banana Berry Frozen Yogurt: Banana Berry Frozen Yogurt

Fresh Homemade Salsa

Mmmm fresh salsa! I LOVE fresh salsa! I have been making it since I was probably 10 years old, so I have had some time to perfect this recipe. Just be sure if you don’t like hot foods to use peppers accordingly or omit them. This is also wonderful served with homemade chips if you have the time to make them =). Enjoy this simple and delicious recipe!Fresh SalsaYields 4 cupsIngredients:5 Roma tomat
Fresh Homemade Salsa: Fresh Homemade Salsa

Cream Puff Pie (aka cream puff cake or eclair cake)

  Let me state things plainly, you are going to want to make this pie =). It is one of the easiest and tastiest pies I’ve ever made. I adore cream puffs. Basically I could eat about 20 or more in one sitting (if I didn’t exercise any self control). So, when I saw this cake, and noticed how many of the reviewers had made a pie version of it I knew I had to give it a try. I don’t want
Cream Puff Pie (aka cream puff cake or eclair cake): Cream Puff Pie (aka cream puff cake or eclair cake)

Peppermint Rice Krispie Treats

Put an exciting festive twist on a favorite classic with these Peppermint Rice Krispie Treats. They are one of my favorite treats! I think they may even be the treat I give to neighbors this holiday season. Think peppermint bark combine with chewy Rice Krispie treats and what to you get, these! Just to forewarn you, you’ll have a hard time eating just one =). PS did I mention these treats are
Peppermint Rice Krispie Treats: Peppermint Rice Krispie Treats